12/14-Surprise Day!

Surprise Buffet Item Day – Fairbury’s own “Taste of the Orient”, the China Kitchen, is still coming up with those surprise/mystery buffet dishes that serve to further enhance an already delectable presentation of Mandarin cooking.  On Wednesday, December 14th, you will find this new and different entrée on the hot table for an addition to your dining experience.  Each month the China Kitchen uses a middle of the month Wednesday to expand their buffet menu with new and interesting dishes that have proven to be quite a hit with the dining patrons who have now come to look forward to the next surprise dish each month.  
The China Kitchen’s oriental buffet offers a great variation in dining experience.  They offer a cold bar for salads, fruit, desserts, and sauces, hot soups, and multiple entrees and specialty items on their hot table that have all proven to be quite a hit with the test of time.  They’ve got a nice clean and comfortable dining area for in house dining and they also have a versatile “to go” menu. 
China Kitchen
108 W Locust St
Fairbury, Il.  
Hours:  Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner – 11am to 9pm

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