Fugate Woods Nature Preserve

Fugate Woods Video

Fugate Woods Nature Preserve is located two and a half miles northeast of Fairbury. There are 150 acres of naturally preserved woodland that is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day except Mother’s Day and firearm deer season. This expose of timber, prairie land, native plants, and wildlife is accessible through its main entrance located off of country road 1000N or following the A.I. James Memorial Path east of the High School. It is crisscrossed by six different walking trails that you can hike on. Along the trail, there are streams, bridges, shelters, and picnic benches you can relax at. This area has an incredible amount of outdoor life that is indigenous to its location. For those of you that might have a group interest, there are opportunities, through a variety of programs and events, that you can take advantage of. For information on upcoming educational events contact Master Naturalists Becky Shafer at 815-419-7697 or Joan Smeltzer at 815-419-8448. For the preservation of the habitat and well-being of all visitors, there is no alcohol, no firearms, no hunting, and no vehicles allowed on the grounds. Go alone or bring your friends, family, or pets (on a leash) to enjoy the beautiful woodland of Fairbury.

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