Tour of Historic Fairbury

Download Brochure For Map

  1. Drive by the historic Thomas A Beach house (Note the two lions in the front yard). 402 E. Hickory St. –
  2. Take a drive down Main Street
    • Note the historic City Hall – 101 E. Locust St.
    • New City Hall – 201 W. Locust St.
      • Built in 1996
      • Pick up the historic CD of Fairbury
    • Walton’s Department Store Building
      • 100 W. Locust St.
      • brick building across from Historic City Hall
      • Burned down three times, last rebuilt in 1920
      • Now houses Fairbury Furniture in lower level and the historic banquet hall upstairs – Be sure to stop by to see the Cinderella Staircase
    • Old Blade Building – Housed Fairbury’s newspaper for many years
      • 101 W Locust St
      • Unique architecture
    • Dominy Memorial Library
      • One block south of Historic City Hall
      • Note unique architecture with large dome
      • Built in 1904
      • Stop in and walk through reading room under the dome; chat with librarians
    • Fairbury Echoes Museum (limited hours) (815) 692-2191
      • 126 W Locust St – across from Steidinger Tire
      • Can purchase Alma Lewis James’ book: Stuffed Clubs & Antimacassars, a history of Fairbury
      • Admission is free!
    • Shop Historic Main Street
      • Lots of unique shops and dining options
        • Ask for Fairbury brochures/map
        • Placemats in restaurants will provide more information about Fairbury
      • Historic Claudon Bank building, built in 1893
        • Now houses Lost in Time restaurant – 200 E Locust St.
        • See the bank vault inside
        • John Conerus’s cigar factory was upstairs
        • Chat with friendly waitresses
    • Drive down US Route 24 (Oak Street) and don’t miss two antique stores
      • Heart’s Desire – 805 E Oak St.
      • The Spotted Owl – 301 W Oak St.

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