Fairbury Echoes Museum


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Fairbury Echoes-Museum is situated up on Fairbury’s Main Street (Locust Street) in the business section, and it affords its visitors a walk through Fairbury’s history. For you youngsters it provides a look into the roots of this farming community and the surrounding area with the emphasis on Fairbury’s march through time. For you oldsters, at least some of you, it’s a walk down memory lane.

The Museum features a vast collection of pictures, articles, artifacts, memorabilia, and stories that are efficiently presented and oriented to tell the story that begins before any of us were born and continues on to the more modern depictions of what most of us can remember. The building contains five rooms, each with unique various wonders of the past. Two of the rooms feature items from area businesses, schools, churches, organizations and people. Household and clothing artifacts that were donated by the museum’s benefactors, Floyd and Marion Stafford, occupy a third room. A fourth room features reading and reference, along with other historical items on display. The fifth room contains a mini-display that changes frequently and shares additional information on the community’s past. Whether you are just visiting the area or were a part of all of this growing up (or if you came into the area after the fact), it still represents a very important part of the courage, the hardships, the glamour, the ingenuity, and the perseverance that went into turning the town’s tomorrows into yesterdays and becoming a permanent part of Small Town America’s rise to prominence.

The Museum’s contents are something that can be experienced multiple times because no matter how often you go it is a virtual certainty that you’ll see something you hadn’t noticed before.  There are constant additions coming for temporary or permanent use. You can also find out about special fundraising events for the facility’s operation and perhaps find a way to contribute to those efforts. In the month of June the Museum will be celebrating its 35th year of public service and during that time they have managed to acquire some very interesting assortments of historical evidence that brings our history to the forefront in a very telling way.

You remember how Grandpa (or great-grandpa or Dad!) used to tell you about when he was a kid they had to walk to school barefoot through the snow and it was uphill both ways? Well, in and amongst the historical trail of time honored depictions contained in this arrangement of yesteryear enlightenment you will see the proof that he wasn’t kidding – come on up and see if you can find it. The Museum is really one of the town’s treasures and something we should all be proud of and support.

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