Shop Local – Old News (1918)

Fairbury, and it’s Sister Towns in the area, provide just about every kind of merchandise and services that any household or individual could need for short term and long term requirements. This includes “special interests” such as hobby, arts and crafts, antiques, and recreational items as well as the staples and comfort categories and all are complimented by public facilities that provide access to exercise equipment and sports pursuits. Our local Merchants give us a well diversified selection of shopping pursuits that are administered with a friendly and experienced camaraderie in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere and, whether you come from near or far, you’ll always find a willingness to help. Granted, there are some circumstances that are maybe better served by the larger city shopping arrangement but, once you’ve accomplished that it seems to always be a relief to return to the “friendly confines” of our local “comfort zone”. In today’s world convenience, comfort, friendly service, and ease of access along with economic compatibility go a long way towards making our lives a lot easier than what they might be otherwise. Here’s what one gentleman had to say about this concept in a letter to the editor of The Blade newspaper:
“I buy at home because my interests are here; because the community which is good enough for me to live in is good enough for me to buy in; because I believe in transacting business with my friends; because I want to see the goods before I buy them (apparently speaking of catalog shopping although on line would be the same); because I want to get what I pay for; because my dealer carries my account when I run short of cash; because every dollar I spend at home stays at home and works for the community where I live; because the merchant I buy from will stand behind their goods; because I sell my produce here at home; because the man I buy from pays his part of the town and county tax; because the man I buy from helps support my schools and churches; because when ill luck, misfortune or bereavement comes, the man I buy from is here with a kindly greeting, words of sympathy, and his pocketbook if need be. Here I live and here I buy, I buy at home.” Printed in a 1918 copy of The Fairbury Blade – times have changed but recognition of a “good thing” hasn’t, how about that?

Nobody’s complaining and this is just a friendly note with some nostalgic comments included that remind us to give our local merchants first look at those things we need to get – it’s the completion of the circle where everyone helps everyone and makes everyone happy. Check out the Yellow Pages, business web sites, and local bulletins for details and descriptions of what we have in our backyard – its not unusual to be surprised by the diversity of our business communities and, local shopping keeps the big mileage off your vehicles (not to mention your nerves).

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