8/26-Fugate Woods


We’ve all been out at night and seen those flying “bugs” that are attracted to lights, or ones that blink in the dark or, we hear creatures that make some rather strange sounds without being seen. Would you believe that what most of us are accustomed to seeing and hearing after dusk is only “the tip of the iceberg”? Mother Nature has a robust army of winged creatures and other night crawlers and creepers that a lot of us don’t even know exist, much less see. How about a first-hand look at the things that come out at night along with an expert explanation as to what they are?

On Saturday, August 26th, from 7pm to 9pm, entomologists Dr. Michael A. Jeffords and Susan L. Post will present an enlightening view of arthropod night life beginning with a short presentation at the Dominy Memorial Library (201 S Third St) and then moving out to Fairbury’s own Nature Preserve in Fugate Woods where everyone can see what North Central Illinois has occupying its night time darkness. To quote Dr. Jeffords, “As soon as the sky is sufficiently dark, we will explore the mysterious Fugate Woods with black-lighting and miniature spotlights to see and experience arthropod activity seldom witnessed. Everything from giant wolf spiders to munching caterpillars to charming tree frogs will likely appear in our flashing beams.”

This is a great chance for all of us to really “see” what’s out there – its fun for the whole family and, anyone who is just plain interested in knowing what’s moving around out beyond where we can see. Exciting and maybe even a little “creepy” but, an experience you might really appreciate. Come on out to the “Night of the Living Forest” – afterwards you can let you imagination “run wild”.

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  1. This event was great for young and old. Entomologists Dr. Michael A. Jeffords, Susan L. Post and staff, explained and explained “Night of the Living Forest” extremely well for everyone attending.

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