DQ-Happy Hour

FAIRBURY, IL – Dairy Queen – the Fairbury Cold Treats/Hot Eats Resort is making summer a little more enjoyable by adding “Happy Hour” to their repertoire of ways to give their customers comfortable access to heat relief. Now, on weekdays from 2 to 5 pm, you can snag a small Iced Coffee for $1 or a small Ultimate Frappe or Premium Fruit Smoothie for $2 – cool delights at a savings!

Long known for their hot weather cold treat resources, the Dairy Queen continues their tradition of providing their customers with a variety of scrumptious concoctions that you can sip, slurp, lick, or otherwise consume in a satisfying way that gives you that “ah, that’s better” attitude. The “Happy Hour” addition gives everyone the opportunity to imbibe in one of those popular drinks at a price that makes them taste just that much better, if that’s even possible. Its happening so, let it happen to you – stay “cool” People!


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