Butterflies to Blooms-1/25

The Dominy Memorial Library in Fairbury – SPECIAL PRESENTATION
One of Natures special beatification mystiques is the butterfly – have you ever wondered what their purpose was in the great scheme of things other than to just look “pretty” and flit around amongst the flowers and trees? Every area in the country has it’s indigenous varieties and our Illinois prairie lands aren’t any different – we have all kinds of butterflies throughout the summer months from the plain janes to the aristocratic beauties that catch everyone’s attention. But what do they do, where do they come from, where do they go, and how do they function? Many of us just take them for granted as part of the insect summer parade and there is the inevitable under the breath mutterings when one splats on the car windshield but these members of the order of Lepidoptera are more than just “a pretty face”.

Fairbury’s monument of learning, The Dominy Library, is having a special event for your enlightenment that will provide an entertaining and informative presentation on the Illinois Butterflies. Co-sponsored by Prairie Lands Foundation and Friends of the Library, it is scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, from 2pm to 4pm, and refreshments will be provided. Dr. Michael Jeffords and Susan L. Post will be on hand for another inspiring program featuring “natural Illinois” and they bring their expertise to bear on an engaging program that will focus on the various aspects of Illinois Butterflies. Both are retired scientists from the Illinois Natural History Survey and have spent their lives exploring the landscapes of Illinois which has provided them with some exceptional and stunning photography to share along with their extensive knowledge of the subject. If you want to impress them you can ask them how to differentiate the papilionoidea from the hesperiodea from the hedyloidea classes of the butterfly super-families – on second thought, maybe we should just let them go with “layman’s” terms.

The event is entitled “Butterflies to Blooms” and you’ll hear how these proficient creatures play a crucial role as pollinators in the home garden habitat. The guest presenters will have their new book on hand, “A Field Guide to Illinois Butterflies”, and, should you be interested, copies will be available for purchase.

All in all, for all you lovers of nature and curiosity seekers it should be an enjoyable enlightenment so take a couple of hours that Sunday afternoon and stop in at 201 South Third Street (caddy corner to Dave’s Supermarket) and give a look and listen, bring the family because its free admission to the public and we’re betting you’ll be glad you did.

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