Kid’s Corner-12/6

Kids – Christmas – Gift Selection—-there is an annual event sponsored by the Fairbury Women’s Club that is designed to give your kids an experience in shopping for Christmas gifts that they can be responsible for finding on their own. This opportunity, appropriately entitled “Kids Christmas Corner”, is upcoming on Saturday, December 6th at the Walton Centre (it’ll be in the old Meyers Gifts location) located on Fairbury’s Main Street, corner of Locust and Third Streets. It will be operating from 9am to 1pm and it gives the participants the chance to browse through an assortment of possibles to find a gift for their parents or grand parents (sorry, there aren’t any gifts for the kids themselves) and then purchase it for $1.00. It gives the young’uns a nice sense of participation in the holiday spirit, a chance to feel responsible, and the gratification of accomplishment while having fun doing it at a cost that is easily affordable.

You parents need to know that your children will be doing this without you at their elbow distracting them – yes, Mom, Dad, you’re going to have to wait outside the room while your offspring accomplish this feat of thoughtful procurement on their own volition. There will be assistance within though, the Women’s Club and their team of volunteers will be the guides and advisors for this adventure in Christmas giving and once the gift(s) have been selected they will help take care of the all important “wrapping” requirement. This will complete the covert exercise in keeping their gift for you a mystery until you open it and the rules are such that there is no shaking, no peeking, and no coercing the giver – you just have to wait until the appropriate time.

A little preparation for this endeavor should be done by the parents however – make sure your child has a list of the folks he or she wants to purchase something for and that will help the volunteers direct the shopping traffic to the appropriate items. So, clean the nest out for a bit, bring your fledglings up to the Kids Christmas Corner and let them gain the satisfaction of making this Christmas a little more complete through their personal accomplishments – it will be fun, rewarding, and, in the end, appreciated by all parties. The Ladies from the Fairbury GFWC do a great job with their community projects and events and this is just another great example of their never ending efforts – an appreciative tip of the hat Girls, thanks for all you do.

By the way, if any of you can spare a couple of hours during this time frame an extra set of hands is always welcome. You can contact Carol Ely at 815-692-2910 and she can tell you anything you need to know.

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