Town Garage Sales 9/26-27

The Fairbury Women’s Club “Fall Classic” – All right Folks, you practiced in April and again in July and now, its that time of the season for the end of the 2014 Fairbury Garage Sale circuit. The Fairbury Fall All Town Garage Sale is coming onto the track and, for you Salesmen, you now have your arrangements, techniques, and strategies in good functional order and, for you buyers, you’ve got the canvassing routine down to a science. Its time to see what we’ve all learned so mark your events list for Friday September 26th and Saturday September 27th and get ready to raise your doors and start your engines because that’s when it gets real. 

These organized garage sales in their two day format have proven to be invaluable for moving excess and unwanted items from their residing source into the possession of those who need, want, and collect at pricing levels that makes everything work to the satisfaction of all. Its a great way to recycle in a very meaningful way while filling individual requirements regardless of their origin. For those of you who want to have a garage sale you need to get registered with the Women’s Club so you can be included in their advertising and on their maps – its worth the miniscule registration fee to get yourself listed because the advertising that the Women’s Club utilizes covers a vast area through 18 different publications and those that register will be included on the maps and flyers that these industrious Ladies print up and distribute amongst the local businesses and gathering spots. 

We think an appreciative tip of the hat is well deserved by our local Women’s Club – these 12 members do an awful lot of beneficial work for the community and the organization of these all town garage sales is just one example of their fine contributions. They are a non-profit organization and the funds that they take in for these functions they sponsor are rechanneled back into the community for a multitude of projects – this summer’s all town garage sale donated a nice little sum to the Brian Munz Safety complex. In their 30 year history with these garage sales there have been numerous very worthwhile projects that have had support supplied by the Club’s efforts so,Ladies, we salute you for a job well done and we hope our message will inspire the community to support you in return so we can see another 30 years worth (and more) of your accomplishments.

There you go Folks – get your stuff together, get it arranged, get yourselves on the list and stand by for launch – the “Fall Classic” garage buster is coming and the people come from far and wide to see if you’ve got what they want – get those shelves, closets, cabinets, garages, sheds, basements, attics, and drawers cleaned out and get those dormant things into the hands of someone who can put them to use. C’mon, make it happen – you know you need to, so do your thing to complete the circle. For more details and information you can contact Carol Ely at 815-692-2910 and she can take you the rest of the way. And, for you buyers and treasure hunters, turn your radars on – what you want is bound to be somewhere in this hopscotch course across Fairbury in the yards, driveways, and garages of The Fall All Town Garage Sale – come and find it!

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