Race to Fairbury 7/25-7/26

Fairbury’s Specialty Shops on a Special Week-end – The Fairbury Community is rich in Shops, Stores and Service Providers that offer an outstanding venue of specialty items and services for their patrons. They have things that you either can’t find at the major retail outlets or that aren’t there in the quality and uniqueness that these local artistic craftsman and collectors have in their way of doing business. These enterprising facilities are united in their efforts to give their customers, from both near and far, the best of opportunities to access collectors items, wants, needs, necessaries, and surprise finds in an environment that is as comfortable and as efficient as it can be made. If you’re not already familiar with them there are brochures, placards, and printed information in just about every business and public facility in the area that will give you directions and info on “Fairbury’s Attractions” so look for them and get yourself in the know to some very interesting shopping access.

The weekend of July 25th and 26th is two days that will live in activity infamy – Fairbury has a whole host of things happening in this 48 hour showcase of events that offers a challenge to the most durable of participants who might elect to try and do it all. There is an All Town Garage Sale on both days, the Fairbury Dominy Library is having a half priced book sale, and the Speedway at the Fairgrounds has the $10,000 Summer Nationals stock car race on Friday evening followed by the $25,000 Prairie Dirt Classic on Saturday evening with full racing programs for both.

Our Specialty Shops of Fairbury are also in this expose for Weekend Warriors with their “Race to Fairbury” theme and many of them are sponsoring their own versions of customer appreciation and awareness. As you folks follow your garage sale maps that the Women’s Club have printed up, or visit the Library for some great book bargains, or if you come early for the races and have some time to invest you can choose the shops that fit your special interests and check them out – they’ll have what you want and all you need to do is go get it.

Below is a list of the area’s best and a bit about what they are and what they’re doing – its the Race to Fairbury and you’re invited, so move over to the fast lane and enjoy the finish line because everyone is a winner and only you can make it happen for you!

Country Cupboard – about two miles east of Fairbury on Rte. 24 – a country store with a whole lot of country items – sample their drink and smoothie mixes and you can sip and save. It’s a great food and kitchen store with so many things to offer.

Dave’ Supermarket – located two blocks north of Rte. 24 on Third St. – 7lb bag of ice $1 – 24 bottle case of water $2 – these specials start on Wednesday the 23rd and go thru Saturday the 26th and its only part of why Dave’s is truly a Super Market – they’ve got it all.

Heart’s Desire Antiques & Accents – right off Rte. 24 between Seventh and Eighth St. – they have what their name implies and they’ve got a lot of it – they’ll have a big tent sale outside that will extend to the treasures on the inside as well.

Kilgus Farmstead Country Store – take First St. south from Rte. 24 for about a mile – come in and get a soft serve ice cream cone for just a $1 and check out their locally produced meats, milk, cheese and other goodies that good country living provides.

Lost in Time/Lost Arts – situated on the corner of Locust St. and Fourth St. – this multiple complex of corner shops can refresh you, as you travel back and forth in your search for the exclusive buy, with breakfast, lunch, a snack, something cold to drink, baked goods, or, you can continue your search in their Lost Arts haven that has gifts and sewing supplies.

Meyers Gifts & Services – located on the north side of the Fairbury business section between Second and Third St. – more unique and hard to find items as well as engraving and watch battery installation – get 25% off of any one item.

Once ‘n Again/Frugality – right down from Meyers Gifts – here is a spacious two store facility where you can shop for great bargains on all kinds of household and clothing items from all the top labels or, you can drop off items you want to sell, either for cash or on consignment.

Serendipity – also on the north side of Locust St. between Third and Fourth St. – they’ve got a vast selection of greeting cards along with an extravagant assortment of fine gifts and mementoes that includes their new arrivals of chalk painted furniture and pallet furniture.

The Spotted Owl – on the southwest corner of First St. and Rte. 24 – antiques, crafted items, special interest gifts – in keeping with the weekends theme they are having a large outdoor garage sale with lots to offer.

So there you go folks – a weekend made to order with something for everyone and a great way to end your week. If you want it, Fairbury has got it on July 25th and 26th but, most of these things are up and going every weekend and every week and you’ll always have a place to come back to or, for you locals, just walk out your door and enjoy your town. All Aboard the Adventure Train – the Fairbury Engine is pulling a shopping car, a racing car, a dining car, a reading car, and your car so get your ticket to ride and jump on!

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