Sizzling Event 6/20-6/21

You want shopping for almost anything, you want a place to grab a nice lunch or even a relaxing meal, you need groceries, or, how about the excitement of stock car racing – ?

If any of that appeals to you (aw cmon, you know it does) then you need to take a tour of Fairbury from the outer edges to the inner sanctum and, just to give you a target let’s mark your calendars for Friday, June 20th and Saturday, June 21st. It’s the official beginning of summer, the kids are out of school, there is all those ideas and needs that have built up over a long hard winter and Fairbury has everything that most of us can think of in the way of need and wants, frivolous or necessary, important or just kinda, and you can cap those two days off with an annual racing event that brings them in from far and near as the ever popular Summer Nationals race program takes center stage Saturday evening at the American Legion Speedway on the Fairbury Fair Grounds.

Satisfy that urge to look for antiques at Hearts Desire Antiques & Accents and the Spotted Owl – these well organized and run shops have an assortment of other high interest items as well and they will give that “urge to find it” a serious opportunity to be satisfied.

How about farm fresh products including eggs, meat and milk and organic ingredients along with extensive stocks of kitchen and homemaking items (a lot of it locally produced or made). A tad east of Fairbury on Route 24 you’ll find the Country Cupboard with its versatile arrangement of aisles and shelves of treasures along with deli meats and cheeses (have a sandwich or snack right there if you want) and at the extreme south end of First Street there is the Kilgus Farmstead with its real farming atmosphere of animals and with a milking and processing operation to go along with its farm produce Country Store that is unique within itself.

Of course, there is always that challenge we all face up to of finding the perfect something for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift as well as satisfying our own needs and “feel good” notions (ah, there you are – you’re going to look good in my front room). Fairbury has a whole host of shops that meet your requirements in the sport of “finding it” from the special to the standard to the unknown so take an energy drink and get with it. There’s Serendipity up on Main Street between Third and Fourth Streets known for their home décor and more along with a huge greeting card assortment so you can properly identify your gift (they might even have one from “myself to me”).

Then there is Lost Arts, part of the Lost in Time restaurant arrangement, at the corner of Main Street and Fourth Street and here you can find those items that have been crafted locally by the folks that really know how to do it along with a whole bevy of supplies for any kind of sewing exercise you might want to do yourself – and, they’ve got a great bakery where just walking into the place makes you hungry. Going back west on Main Street you’ll come to Meyer’s Gifts & Services where you can find a well arranged assortment of categories that pretty much covers the whole spectrum of special interest items and while you’re looking through all of that you can have your watch battery replaced or make arrangements to have something you need embroidered.

Then, right next door, we’ve got Once ‘n Again where you can browse through a huge assortment of clothes and accessories, household items, and furniture – all used but not abused and there are some great deals on every label you can think of and in an adjoining store there is the sister operation of Frugality where donated and excess items are available for a token price that goes to the local charitable functions.

You’ll probably work up an appetite doing all this so if you’d like some breakfast or lunch the Lost in Time restaurant can do you right with it’s unique menu of sandwiches, soups and salads, and deserts (remember the bakery) – its an adventure in eating. And, speaking of adventure, it just so happens that on Friday the 20th Lost in Time will be observing RD’s Drive-In remembrance day with all the famous culinary delights of days gone by, and they will be open through the supper hour.

We know, what else could there be – well, good of you to ask because we can now direct you to a block south of Main Street on Third Street and here you’ll find one of the premiere Super Markets in the area – Dave’ Supermarket. This grocery and deli shopping haven is one of the best you’ll find and they’ve got everything that comes with the reputation of “Super Market” – don’t worry about getting all those sacks out to the vehicle because they’ve got young men to do that for you.

We’ve talked here about the consortium of specialty shops, services, and dining that Fairbury is rapidly becoming well known for, but you should also be aware that this is only one of Fairbury’s many avenues of successful and versatile business endeavors. There is much more in the categories of consumer products and services as well as dining and libation providers that gives our community, and its visitors, the luxury of choice and variety. Some of the well-known eateries are Benchwarmers and the China Kitchen on Main Street and McDonald’s Family Restaurant, Dairy Queen, Monical’s, Marchellonis, Subway, and Casey’s along Route 24. We have three quick stops for gas and all the standard things that go with a “quick stop”.

There’s the more substantial things that you might need as well from floor coverings at Tri-County Carpet out on the west edge of town just off Route 24 to a huge hardware store with Nussbaum’s Ace Hardware just north of Lost in Time. Doc’s is on the east end of Fairbury’s Route 24 with a drug store and more arrangement as well as a Pharmacy and they are right next to Eastside Veterinary Clinic who can help you with your pets. If you want to make a day (or two) out of your outing there is a golf course for Dad and a swimming pool and play park for the kids in addition to a number of parks to enjoy both inside the city limits and out in the timber.

Got a great literary provider too with the Dominy Library just across from Dave’s Supermarket. Obviously, Fairbury has a lot to offer to those who live here and to all of our many visitors so, no matter the reason for your getting up and getting out you can take care of business and seriously enjoy yourself while you do it and there is something for the whole family to experience in the doing. Come on up, out, or over and see what we’re talking about – you can get your car fixed with our local mechanics or you can even buy one from our Chevrolet or Ford in town dealerships.

Remember, June 20th & 21st – yes, its a promotional effort but, mark it on your calendar anyway and take the “I Found It Tour” through Fairbury’s user friendly shops, markets, restaurants, and businesses – if we don’t have it, they don’t make it! We’ll have more on the Summer Nationals at the Raceway shortly that will top off the weekend!


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