Munz-Hermes & Associates

munz204 E. Locust St.
Fairbury, Illinois 61739
Phone Number: 815-692-4631
Toll Free: 800-370-0193
Fax Number: 815-692-2793

Co-Founders Bill Munz and Phil Hermes have been working together since 1987 representing clients throughout the State of Illinois with their insurance benefits. As Life & Health Insurance Brokers, we work for you, our client, by getting to know what is most important to you, then we design your plan specifically to meet your budget. We believe integrity and trust are essential in every relationship, especially when working with people’s money, which is why we invite you to make use of our site to start your research and learn what you need to know. When you are ready to talk with us, we can answer your questions by appointment, at your home, or our office. If you are too busy to meet in person but do have a computer, we can still answer your questions with your own personal computer webinar.

A webinar is a seminar or other presentation that takes place on the internet, allowing participants at different locations to see and hear the presenter, while even asking questions. ; It’s very simple, we send you a link by email, you click the link, which allows you to see our computer desktop. In the comfort of your own home, you can save time and money while you see for yourself, which benefits your family can comfortably afford. Most of our computer webinars are done with our clients in the evenings and even weekends if necessary. This webinar technology allows you to spend time with your family after work and at your convenience, electronically meet with an experienced agent who knows how to help you.

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