BIG Meat Sale

Dave's Supermarket 120 S. 3rd St., Fairbury, IL

Dave’s Supermarket has a wonderful reputation for having one of the best meat departments in the area. Their beef and pork products have a long-standing recognition as being among the best cuts that people can buy in supermarkets throughout the state, and the Dave’s group has proven to be very…

Dominy Library Book Sale

Dominy Memorial Library 201 S. 3rd St., Fairbury, IL

Libraries – those buildings that usually have a quaint appearance, both big and small, sometimes with a modernistic upgraded enhancement, and contain within their internal treasures, a whole host of experiences. Experiences that are in print, in audio presentations, or in video formats that can whisk your mind away into…

Town Wide Garage Sales

Downtown Fairbury Fairbury, IL

Garage Sales – that opportunity for private households to clean out their attics, closets, basements and garages and put dormant items back into circulation. You know what they say, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure” and that can be very true, especially when you have a collaboration of organized…

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