McDonald’s Family Restaurant

512 East Oak Street
Fairbury, IL 61739
(815) 692-4313
5:30am-9pm Mon-Sat
6am-9pm Sun

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McDonald’s Family Restaurant, Fairbury, Il. – here is a true Icon of the area’s restaurant business, and it is a historical legend having successfully survived the progressive trends of the changing times and continuing to bring their customers the satisfaction that keeps them coming back.

It is the longest running active full service restaurant in the area (over 57 years now) and has long been a favorite for locals and visitors alike. This family-owned and operated haven for comfortable and palate-pleasing dining, features a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with breakfast being available all day.

They have a freshly prepared daily salad bar that is continuously available from lunch through dinner (11am to 7pm) and an express lunch Monday through Friday, sort of a mini buffet, designed to keep you folks on the move moving, and that is also available from 11am to 7pm along with the full menu for personalized orders.

They open for breakfast at 5:30am Monday through Saturday and at 6:00am on Sunday and they have the best coffee you’ll find anywhere along with an assortment of pastries and all the popular breakfast entrees, and they are experts at taking care of you early birds in a friendly hometown way.

If you like buffets (most of us do) McDonalds prepares a full breakfast buffet on Saturday & Sunday mornings that is available from 8am to 11am, and they have a full dinner buffet that continues the Sunday of open dining from 11am to 7pm. This versatile and delicious dinner arrangement is also available on Fridays and Saturdays at the same time so you can have a buffet lunch or dinner, or both, at your leisure, or order from the full menu if you like.

This spacious facility has two dining rooms on the main floor and a banquet room in the lower level which can be reserved for business, family, or any get together you might want accommodated, and the staff will be happy to work with you on the menu and the scheduling availing their expertise and experience to make your event a success. There is ample parking that is easily accessible in their location on the corner of Route 24 (Oak Street) and Eighth Street on Fairbury’s east side

McDonald’s is well known for their broasted chicken and broasted catfish, always fresh never frozen, and they make some of the best burgers that you’ll find anywhere, all hand formed, char broiled or grilled, in quarter and half pound increments, along with fresh condiments and all the accompaniments you could want.

They have delicious food in a large variety for every meal category, and they are hard working quality-minded folks who want you to be satisfied with their efforts, and their longevity in the business along with their never-ending customer loyalties is testimony to that end. They further look after their customers’ interests with a take-out service for any menu item, and if you need it, they can arrange to deliver it to local addresses so you can enjoy the meal right in the comfort of your home, and they can prepare multi serving quantities of their famous chicken for those large in home gatherings.

Ron and Sue McDonald have kept the legend in good stead with their long standing energy and efforts, and they are affirmative leaders in the area’s culinary services. Here’s a bit of ironic history – the golden arches McDonald’s opened a franchise in Fairbury some years back and had to negotiate a namesake intrusion on our local original McDonalds – the fast food McDonalds building is now a bank but McDonalds’ Family Restaurant is still making their customers happy yet today and, Fairbury’s Ronald McDonald never was a clown but he has sure been a cooking magician! So, if you’re an early bird, a road runner, or just looking for a relaxed meal no matter the time be advised, Fairbury’s McDonalds Family Restaurant can make it happen for you in a satisfying way – stop in, say “hi” and have some pie and you’ll see what we mean.

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