Country Cupboard

24479 E 800 North Rd.    
Fairbury, Illinois 61739       
Store Hours:
8AM-6PM Thurs.
8AM-4PM Sat

This little establishment is situated approximately two miles east of Fairbury on Route 24 and it only seems little until you get inside. The Country Cupboard literally lives up to the identity of a “country store” as it rises above the local terrain of farming acreage and gives visitors a picturesque presentation of small town ambiance while providing a wide range of unique shopping.

Neatly arranged in the aisles of this friendly atmosphere is a wide assortment of specialty items that draws interest from most everyone who stops by. From organic items to spices, from gluten free food and flour to candy, from meat and eggs that are antibiotic and hormone free to some very unique food and grocery items – this is the store with those and more. And, if you work up an appetite while you’re trying to limit your “wish list”, they have a neat deli that serves up specialty made sandwiches in addition to the meats and cheeses that you can have sliced and wrapped to take home.

If you’re up to it you can even bring the kids but, fair warning, the candy aisle gets awfully tempting to these little people with the big eyes. So, come on out, or down, or up, from whereever you’re at and catch some of this country magic that The Country Cupboard has become renowned for – you won’t regret it!

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