Cascade Gardens

19433 E. 800 North Rd.
Fairbury, Illinois 61739
Store Hours:
Mid-April to Mid-June
9AM-7PM Mon.-Sat.
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Plants!  You know, those things that grow out of dirt and somehow turn out to be pleasing to the eye in a way that only natural foliage and vegetation can be. The trend that has been increasing in popularity for the last several years is one that has all of you “green thumb” enthusiasts and even us amateurs making the best out of what has become a landscaping art form.

We find the various assortments of greenery that we like, we plant them in our yards and businesses, and we watch their beauty unfold as we nurture and protect them in our own personal settings. It has become a very highly regarded adventure for many and, if you haven’t tried it yet you should – it has a great sense of accomplishment as well as providing the natural wonder that only well grown plants can do.

Now, it just so happens that if you drive west out of Fairbury on Route 24 you’re going to notice some rather strange structures about a half mile or so out of town on the north side of the road and a sign informing us that this is Cascade Gardens. These structures are called “green houses” and they are situated on the farmstead of JoEllen and Junior Gehring. In these Cascade Gardens “green houses” you will find an assortment of all kinds of Mother Nature’s children.

There are perennials, annuals, tropical plants, vegetables, herbs, trees, and shrubs and much more, all available for your planting pleasure. Obviously, it’s a seasonal operation and JoEllen opens her doors Monday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm starting in mid-April until mid-June. So come on out and check it out, her plant life is good looking, healthy and just waiting for you to come and adopt a few of them.

Cascade Gardens also re-opens for the month of September for additional seasonal things like mums and pumpkins and stuff like that. You might have noticed that this arrangement is on a “farmstead” and the Gehring family has eggs and chicken available from their farm raised poultry as well as bales of straw, all of which are available year round.

So there you have it, multiple reasons to visit this well appointed country venture and you can do it in an “on-farm” atmosphere that features a country setting which boosts the visual values of your shopping experience. Now that you know, you need to stop ranting and get to planting, it’s all right out there waiting for you to go green (or red, purple, blue, yellow – the colors are amazing).

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