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Wonderful Example of Great Team Work

Isn’t it true that when folks work together A LOT more can get done than if we try to do things by ourselves? Not only does collaboration and team work yield more results, but also, it creates a special feeling of unity and accomplishment!

The Fairbury Garden Club does so much to beautify Fairbury, including Central Park (now known as the Veteran’s Memorial Park) downtown. Recently, a project was initiated to enhance this park some more.

The Garden Club donated a steel bench, and Rotary donated some planter boxes for the Park. These are two wonderful organizations that do a lot for our town.

Not only did these two organizations team up, but the City of Fairbury crew participated by pouring the pads, and ACE Hardware donating the potting soil for the planter boxes. Take a look – very nice.

Then, the American Legion and the Garden Club added some additional new landscaping to honor the five military services. Students from Prairie Central High School designed the landscaping, with a Soldier’s Prayer in the middle, and provided the labor. Wow! What teamwork and generosity from lots of groups!

“Thanks so much to everyone involved in the beautification of Veteran’s Memorial Park,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.

“This project is such a great example of how the folks in our community pulling together to make big things happen. We all benefit from your hard work and dedication. Thank you.” concludes Bobbi.

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