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Unique Activities in Fairbury This Weekend

Fall is in the air!  Fairbury isn’t short of activities this upcoming weekend!  It is great to have special things going on so we can enjoy spending time near home!  Let’s hope for a nice day on Friday and  Saturday, Sept 15th and Sept. 16th!

Here is a short list with some of the details following!

  • Specialty Shops Fall Open Houses on Friday and Saturday
  • Donut Day at Country Cupboard
  • Cilantro & Lime, a new food truck, at Cascade Gardens
  • Fairview Haven Walk to end Alzheimer’s

“Our specialty shops are hosting their fall open houses this weekend!  Some folks come especially for events like these!  As we see new people in our stores, we hear many comments that Fairbury is a friendly place.  Folks hear about Fairbury from their friends, stop by after seeing signs and bill boards along Route 24, or see the “Come to Fairbury” brochure that has been sprinkled all over Central Illinois,” say Bobbi McKeon of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.  “Often we are told that we are a friendly town.”

Be sure to stop by this Friday/Saturday, Sept 15th and 16th for the Specialty Shops’ Fall Open Houses.  Shops participating included:  Cascade Gardens, Heart’s Desire, Kilgus Farmstead, Lost in Time/Lost Arts, Meyer’s Gifts, Once ‘n Again, Frugality, Seredipity Cards and Gifts, Country Cupboard, The Spotted Owl, and Fairbury Furniture!  Each shop is unique and brings its specialty to our town.

Don’t miss Cascade Gardens!  Besides a huge array of beautiful mums grown on their farm, they also have lovely asters and home-grown pumpkins!  Plus on Saturday, Sept 16th starting at 11am, stop by for food!  There’s a new food trailer in the area called the Cilantro & Lime that specializes in over the counter Mexican cuisine.  It’s going to be at Cascade Gardens on Saturday – you can shop and dine, or snack, all in the same stop.

If you can’t make it to Cascade Garden, you can always stop at Dave’s Supermarket as they have Cascade Garden’s mums as well!  This is another way we shops work together!  Dave’s is remarkable in many ways!

On Tuesday, September 19th, Dave’s Supermarket is hosting another tour by registered dietitian, Jenna Smith, with the U of I Extension.  Jenna Smith, will take you down the aisles and show you how to shop smart. This month’s feature will focus on Meatless Meals.  From 6pm – 7pm, the tour is free of charge and no registration is necessary.   Meet Jenna in the deli area at Dave’s, 120 S. 3rd St., Fairbury.

Saturday (Sept 16th) is also Donuts & Coffee Day at the Country Cupboard.  This is their annual specialty donut promotion that brings a nice variety of these “rings of delight” to the counter for customer indulgence.  Homemade and as good as they get – they’ve got Glazed, Pumpkin, Salted Caramel and Allergy Friendly Pumpkin as headliners and they’re just 59 cents each so, indulge away.

There’s also going to be a “Surprise Flavor” but that won’t be announced until later along with the sales and samples that they’ll have going on and available.  Plus, there is another nice addition this year – the infamous “Coffee Steamer” is going to be on hand with their great variety of specialty drinks both cold and hot.

“One other thing – join the employees and friends of Fairview Haven on their walk to end Alzheimer’s.  It will be at Heartland Community College from 9am to 10am in Normal,” says Bobbi.  “We hope you hurry back to enjoy the festivities in Fairbury!”

Call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or stop by Heart’s Desire if you hear any comments from new folks visiting our wonderful community.