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This Weekend! Route 24 Communities Working Together

Once again, Fairbury will be joining several other communities along Route 24 in hosting a neat event, “Junk in the Trunk.” Everyone is invited to come to sell or buy! It’s like a flea market from you trunk. The idea is to pull up in your car/vehicle with a trunk full of treasures in downtown Fairbury on the east end of Dave’s parking lot.

Sponsored by the Fairbury Rotary Club, this event has been/will be held on the fourth Saturday of the month through September. The registration fee to participate as a vendor is only $10. Proceeds will be shared between various Fairbury agencies and the Fairbury Rotary club. This month the proceeds will be going to Fairbury Echoes Museum.

The other neat thing about this event is that several communities along Route 24 have joined forces and are holding this event on the same Saturday each month. Travel from Eureka to Watseka and hit the many stops along the way. Currently, Eureka, El Paso, Fairbury, Chatsworth, Gilman and Watseka are holding events.

Everyone is invited to this monthly event – the 4th Saturday from June through September. (Some communities started in May.) In Fairbury, operating hours are 10am to 2pm. Bring your own tables and tents! Antiques, crafts, artwork, household items, tools, collectibles, garage/estate sale items are encouraged. All participants are responsible for their own cleanup.

If you have any questions or would like to register as a vendor, please email fairburyjunkinthetrunk@gmail.com.

“Collaborating with other communities to bring folks to town is a great way to increase the foot traffic into our town and into our shops. Thanks to the Fairbury Rotary Club for pulling this event together! Events like these can be a lot of fun,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops of Fairbury.

“Rotarian Joan Smeltzer has been instrumental in getting this event organized in Fairbury,” continues Bobbi.

“She shared another story with me recently that I thought would be great to share with all of you. Have you ever noticed that it seems no matter where you go, people are connected to our small towns? This is a wonderful Fairbury “connected-ness” story! Stay tuned!” concludes Bobbi.

As always, if you have any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics about our community, please stop by Heart’s Desire, call Bobbi McKeon at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.