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The Creed of the Man Who Trades at Home

This headline was in The Blade in 1918.  That’s almost 100 years ago!  We have retyped the article below.  The amazing thing is that most everything the article says still holds true today!

In her research, Diane Pawlowski, owner of Antiques and Uniques, discovered this article and sent it to us to publish in our column.  “Even back then, they were encouraging people to shop local. I think the competitive threat then was catalog shopping,” says Pawlowski.

Here is the article published on May 3, 1918 in The Blade:

I buy at home because my interests are here; because the community which is good enough for me to live in is good enough for me to buy in; because I believe in transacting business with my friends; because I want to see the goods before I buy them; because I want to get what I pay for; because my dealer carries my account  when I run short of cash; because every dollar I spend at home stays at home and works for the community where I live; because the merchant I buy from will stand back of the goods; because I sell my produce here at home; because the man I buy from pays his part of the town and county tax; because the man I buy from helps support my schools and churches; because when ill  luck, misfortune or bereavement comes the man I buy from is here with a kindly greeting, words of sympathy, and his pocket book if need be.  Here I live and here I buy.  I BUY AT HOME.

Isn’t this a great message for today?  Shopping (“trading”) locally has so many benefits, and it just FEELS like the right thing to do!

“Our local shops sincerely appreciate the patronage and support offered by local folks.  Without you, we would not be in business!” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.

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