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The Blade – Word’s Getting Around about Fairbury!

The shops in Fairbury continuously have stories about folks coming from out of town to visit Fairbury. People find our little town interesting, and it is always nice to hear how the visitors discovered us.

Diane Pawlowski, owner of Antiques & Uniques relates a story from her shop, “A couple from Indiana came to Fairbury because the lady had found a brochure in Gilman. She decided to “kidnap” her husband for his birthday and take him on a mystery adventure. The destination was Fairbury! Their trip included a wonderful meal at Lost in Time, and stops at Heart’s Desire, Antiques & Uniques, and other shops in town.”

Recently, Roberta Meyer owner of Meyer’s Gifts received a call from a customer in Decatur, Indiana. She had received Roberta’s invitation to the “Shop Late Monday,” the first Monday of each month when her shop was open until 7pm. Although this lady would not be able to make it to her shop that evening, she wanted to reorder a CD that she had purchased at Meyer’s Gifts two years ago.

“She remembered me because we had talked about Decatur (Indiana), as I had told her I was born in Bern, Indiana,” Roberta said. “It pays to stay in touch with our customers even if they live out of state!”

Bob Swisher, of the News Gazette, a Champaign/Urbana paper, mentioned one of our shops a couple months ago in his news column. Antiques & Uniques had sent him a postcard to say they would be open on the 4th of July! He reports, “While in Fairbury, we stopped at the Antiques and Uniques Shop in the middle of town (105 W. Locust St.) Actually, we were there because they sent us a postcard inviting us to come by on the Fourth of July. Advertising works!

“Our find of the day was a half-pint paste-up jar with a glass base with divided sections inside. It had the original paste-up brush. The metal top had embossed writings, which added interest to me. My wife, who spotted the unusual jar, said, “Go for it.”

“Working together, letting folks know what all we offer, when we are open, and how wonderful Fairbury is… This is critical to all of our businesses and the livelihood of our community. It feels good to hear stories like these!” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire.

Call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics to write for our community.