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The Blade – Volunteers Help Beautify the Area

For a small town like Fairbury to become a “destination spot,” the beauty of the area is critically important. Creating beauty and enhancing attractiveness require ongoing effort from the community.

“We are working on ways to improve the beauty of the Fairbury area,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops group. “Of course, we already have several attractive spots – North Park, Fugate Woods, the Gazebo Park on Locust St., and others.”

Recently, volunteer efforts have helped make our town more attractive. Have you noticed the park near the site of the new Safety Complex? The SELCAS crew, headed up by Jeremy Stoller, is responsible for adding the beautiful flowers and plants to make that area a nice park.

The Chamber of Commerce has implemented an “Adopt-a-Tree Box” program for downtown Locust St.  Dave’s Supermarket has provided the labor to restore the tree boxes and get them in good shape.   The Garden Club and various area merchants/businesses have “adopted” a tree box and are chipping in and making this a great addition to add beauty to our historic downtown.

Another great act of volunteerism was performed by Ken Zapp with PDK Tree Service. For many months, trees have been growing and hiding the large “Fairbury” sign a mile east on Route 24. This is sometimes the first impression people get of Fairbury if they are coming from the east and have never been to Fairbury. Removing the trees is a huge step in improving the “face” of Fairbury. Ken recently volunteered to take the trees down. A big “thank you” goes to PDK Tree Service. Be sure to drive out there and take a look!

“The City of Fairbury does a great job of keeping our parks, walking trail, and sidewalks in good shape.   We thank them for their hard work,” says Bobbi. “The City cannot do everything. We must band together as a community, and volunteers are helping all the time. “

There are many other acts of volunteerism by many unnamed individuals who have the passion to keep our area looking nice. Whether it be painting at the Fair Grounds, improving the Speedway, volunteering at Fugate Woods, or just cleaning up litter that you see on the street – it all is important and appreciated!

There are some projects on the horizon to beautify the area. If anyone has ideas or would be willing to volunteer their help, please give Bobbi a call at (815) 692-4500.