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The Blade – Tourism Efforts are Working

Since the beginning, one of the primary goals of the Specialty Shop Group efforts has been to increase business in Fairbury – both in their stores and potentially opening new shops that would complement the existing businesses to make Fairbury an even more attractive place to visit.

Just recently we learned that there were three inquiries by potential businesses to open a business in town. “This is exciting,” says Bobbi McKeon. “We didn’t expect it to happen so soon!”

“This proves the point that if people view a town as successful, it gives them the incentive to look to opening a business. Getting our brochures all over Central Illinois has helped in raising awareness of our attractive town,” Bobbi says.

Recently, the marketing director and the activities coordinator from a Supportive Living community visited the area. They were looking for reasons to bring a group of their residents here. Although they only had a few hours to spend, they were provided a personal tour. Besides Fairbury, they also wanted to see what Forrest and Chatsworth had to offer. They were impressed!

Because of their time constraints, they could not stop at each of the shops. However, they could tell there is a lot to see and do.

In Fairbury, they either stopped by or drove by Serendipity, The Spotted Owl, Heart’s Desire, Antiques & Uniques, Meyer’s Gifts, Once ‘n Again, Lost Arts, Timeless Treats, Country Cupboard, Dave’s, the Walton Center, the Speedway, Dominy Memorial Library, and Kilgus Farmstead.

They enjoyed lunch at Lost in Time. With it being a Monday, Benchwarmers and China Kitchen were closed. Of course, they also saw that Fairbury boasts a Dairy Queen and a Subway.

In Chatsworth, the mayor provided a quick tour of the School House at CAPS, and they briefly visited the McGreal Car Museum, and stopped by the new library. In Forrest, the Depot and the Hampsher Hotel made a very positive impression.

“At the end of their stay, they realized that they should make multiple trips to the area!” says Bobbi. “We really do have a lot to offer!”

If you know of any groups who might have an interest in touring Fairbury and the surrounding areas, please call Bobbi McKeon at Heart’s Desire (815) 692-4500.