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The Blade – The Power of Cooperation

On Monday, November 3rd, the Specialty Shops in Fairbury cooperatively hosted their annual Holiday Open Houses. Based on conversations with the shop owners, the day was an outstanding success.

People came to town from all over the map – Normal, Bloomington, Morris, Dwight, Coal City, Mazon, Bourbonnais, Watseka, Eureka, Pontiac, Danforth, Roberts, Peotone, Flanagan, Henry, Roanoke, Goodfield, Congerville, Saunemin, Gridley, Piper City, besides the other local communities.

“There were customers waiting when we opened at 9am. It was just rush, rush until mid-afternoon and even after that there was quite a bit of traffic. We had a great day!” says Roberta Meyers of Meyers Gifts and Services.

Lori Gauger owner of Serendipty says, “We had a really, really good day. It was nice to see Main Street full of cars. At one point we had about 20 people in the store at once! We really appreciate our clientele.”

“Our day was probably twice as busy as a normal Monday. It was a wonderfully profitable day! We had a lot of new people who were enjoying the open houses, and it seemed like everyone was having fun.” says Bonnie Dotterer of Country Cupboard.

“It was a terrific day. It was much better than our normal day,” says Donna Kaisner from Lost Arts.

“The day was a really good day for us. We saw new faces. A couple of ladies groups from out of town came through. There were lots of people,” says Brittany Kuntz, owner of The Spotted Owl.

Traci Hassett, owner of Once ‘n Again, says, “We had a great day! Thank you Faithful Shoppers for 13 years and counting!”

“We had a fantastic day, too! Our open houses were successful, in large part, because we worked together – holding them on the same day and leveraging our promotion. Having such a large number of shops involved gives folks from further away more reason to drive,” says Bobbi McKeon owner of Heart’s Desire.

“The kind of day that Heart’s Desire had on November 3rd is proof that collaboration and cooperation works. It is critical to the sustainability of our small town.”

Events bring folks to town. Making those events worth the drive is what is so important. Working together is the key!