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The Blade – Summer Events Begin

School is out. Vacations have started. The Fairbury Speedway is in full swing. Now is the time to really showcase our area to those who are traveling and visiting Central Illinois.

Experiencing the Farm at Kilgus Farmstead is one huge way to attract folks to our area and experience our small town and the way of life on the farm and “in the country.” Tours come to Fairbury by the bus load, and while they are here, they often dine at our restaurants and shop at our shops!

Folks who visit Kilgus’ can view the Jersey dairy, see the Berkshire hogs, and enjoy the Boer goats frolicking in the pasture. Experience milk-bottling early every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as the Kilgus Dairy is the only on-farm single source fluid milk bottling plant in the State of Illinois.

Don’t miss the Kilgus Farmstead Country Store! They sell their own beef, pork, goat, milk, cream, and ice cream. Plus, they now also sell bison from a farm in Indiana!
“Now, you can purchase bison (buffalo) meat at the country store,” says Jenna Kilgus of Kilgus Farmstead. “Bison is low-fat, very nutritious, and tasty. It can be made into burgers, used as “hamburger” in casseroles or chili, or requested to be cut into steaks. Many folks can’t tell the difference between bison and beef.”

If you want to tour the farm, Saturday would be a great day to visit. The scheduled dates for tours are filling up for this summer. However, just taking a trip to the Country Store is an experience in itself. Besides selling their own products raised within yards from the store, the Kilgus’ also sell other locally-made products like jams, jellies, salsa, honey, and mustard.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss treating yourself to an ice cream cone! They are only $1 and besides vanilla, there is a “flavor of the week!”

“We appreciate the tours coming to Kilgus Farmstead and the events they hold at the Farm,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops group. “Tell your friends out of town that they are missing an important slice of life if they don’t visit a farm where real food comes from!”