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The Blade – Folks Visit from Bloomington

It is exciting to hear stories of folks visiting Fairbury for the first time. Recently, Country Cupboard had some new visitors, and they shared their story with us.

“It is not unusual for us to have a new visitor on a daily basis,” says Bonnie Dotterer of Country Cupboard. “We like to learn where folks are from and how they heard about us.”

Recently, a couple came in to the store and said they were from Bloomington. While they were at the gym, some friends of theirs recommended that they visit Country Cupboard. Since they were on their way to Pontiac, they said they would stop by.

“This couple was very nice, and they shopped for quite some time,” says Dotterer. “In the meantime, another new couple came in, and they ordered a couple of sandwiches from the deli and sat down at our small table seating area and began enjoying their lunch.

“After seeing the new couple order lunch, the first couple also ordered sandwiches and sat down to enjoy their lunch.

“As both couples were enjoying their lunch, we noticed that they had each picked up a Come to Fairbury brochure and were perusing it! It just played out very nicely. This is just an example of how folks learn to know about Fairbury and obviously enjoy themselves!” says Dotterer.

As the holiday season is approaching, our shops are prepared to offer visitors that unique experience that only small shops can offer. There is a completely different ambiance compared to shopping at the large malls or chain stores.

“Part of the uniqueness of our small town shops is the friendly atmosphere. We care about our shoppers and are delighted when they come back again.” says Bobbi McKeon.

Spread the word about our small town and the unique shops we have. If you have any stories to share, call Bobbi McKeon at Heart’s Desire Antiques and Accents at (815) 692-4500.