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The Blade – Fairbury Is a “Meeting” Place!

On a number of occasions, visitors to the Fairbury shops have commented that Fairbury is a good mid-point for a meeting place. We sit in the middle of Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, Champaign, Springfield, and Chicago! What a great place to stop for a bite to eat and a bit of shopping!

Recently, a couple ladies came to Serendipity from Bloomington. They had never been to the shop before, and they were enthralled. “It is exciting to see folks get excited,” says Lori Gauger, owner of Serendipity. “Both left with a lot of purchases, and I treated them to a salted caramel from Black & White Confections, chocolates locally-made in Gibson City.

“Later that day, they both returned saying they had gone another 30 miles for more shopping, but came back for a lantern they loved, plus some more items! ” Lori said. “We hear comments all the time like, ‘You have a really unique town! We love it.’”

Another day, three ladies from Peotone came heading our direction and stopped and bought a bunch of Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas, commenting that Fairbury is a nice place to meet.

“We, too, have heard that Fairbury is a great meeting place,” says Bonnie Dotterer with The Country Cupboard. “People stop by and specifically say they decided to meet here because it is a nice “middle point” between the various cities.”

“We have already heard that on December 12th, a group of 13 – 15 women from Monticello plan to come to Fairbury for some Christmas shopping!” says Lori. “It is great having folks come from far away to visit our great town!”

“A lady from Washington called on Columbus Day to make certain we were open because she and a friend from Princeville wanted to drive to Fairbury together. They loved that we offer free gift wrapping!” Lori said.

“We love hearing comments like, “from our little town of Metamora to your little town of Fairbury!” says Lori. “It shows that many folks like to visit small towns!”

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