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The Blade – Fairbury Becomes a Popular Attraction

“We are hearing story after story that folks are learning about us from the “Come to Fairbury” brochure that has been sprinkled all over Central Illinois,” say Bobbi McKeon of Heart’s Desire.

On several occasions folks have mentioned that they picked up the brochure in Arthur, Illinois. Due to it being an Amish settlement, Arthur attracts people who are interested in farm living. They see many tourists each year, and many businesses there have graciously allowed us to display our brochures.

Recently, Cascade Gardens received a phone inquiry from Arthur to see if they were still open in October.

“They said that the brochure indicated that we are open in September and were just wondering if by chance we were still open at the beginning of October,” said JoEllen Gehring, owner of Cascade Gardens. “Since we stayed open later this year with some of the mums blooming later, we welcomed them to come over.”

On the heels of this conversation, a few days later, sure enough some Amish folks were having lunch at Lost in Time.

“Once we get people to come to our town, they can truly experience the many attractions we have here,” says Sally Goembel, owner of Lost in Time. “Our servers are trained to talk to folks who are new and let them know about what our town has to offer.”

“We are fortunate to have farms like Kilgus Farmstead and Cascade Gardens, North Park and the trail, Fugate Woods, plus the wide variety of specialty shops for tourists who stop by to visit,” Sally says.

“After seeing the Fairbury brochure, a group of Red Hat ladies from Dwight stopped by our store and visited other shops in Fairbury,” says Dale Dotterer, owner of Country Cupboard.

Traveling down Route 24, tourists can experience many different attractions. “Our group is looking to coordinate efforts with towns from Watseka to Washington,” says Bobbi McKeon. “The more we coordinate our efforts and collaborate in referring folks to one another, the better for all of us. We are all unique in our own way.”

Call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or stop by Heart’s Desire if you hear any comments from new folks visiting our great town.