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The Blade – Community Wants Mexican Restaurant & Clothing Store

Once again, we are reviewing the recent survey sponsored by the Fairbury Planning Commission… a couple of questions related to what type(s) of restaurants and shops are most wanted for our area.

The restaurant question read like this: Choose up to five restaurants you would like to see come to town:   BBQ, Coffeehouse, Frozen yogurt, Gluten-free restaurant, Hot dog shop, Ice cream parlor, Italian restaurant, Juice bar, Mexican restaurant, Old-fashioned drive –in, Seafood restaurant, Vegetarian restaurant, Other (please comment).

The number one choice was a Mexican restaurant with over 63% voting for this! Other restaurant choices include, Italian (over 50%), Old-fashioned drive in (almost 44%), Coffeehouse (almost 40%), BBQ (almost 38%), Seafood restaurant (over 24%), and Ice cream parlor (over 23%).

“Some people might say there are already enough restaurants in Fairbury. However, restaurants are attractions in and of themselves. They draw people to town which helps the overall economy – as people will tend to shop and use other services while they are here,” says Bobbi McKeon owner of Heart’s Desire.

Another question was, “Choose up to FIVE specialty shops you would like to see come to town.”   The number one choice was “clothing” with 71.5% of the respondents voting for this! Number two was “shoe store,” with over 50% voting! This seems to be saying that folks believe we are in need of more apparel shops in town. Would our community support these shops? Had it been known that these would be the top choices, there should be a subsequent survey asking what types of clothing.

However, the overwhelming response for a clothing shop seems to be saying that this may be worth looking into for an energetic business owner who wants to supply the need, especially for a niche in the new clothing space.

Other shops that received a lot of votes were Candy and Nut shop, Coffee & Tea shop, Chocolate shop, Baby shop, Boutique, Jewelry store, and a Cheese shop. Anyone interested in setting up a specialty shop? These would be some ideas!

Thanks to those of you who took the time to submit a survey. This information is invaluable to growing our town.

As always, please call Bobbi at Heart’s Desire (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any ideas, thoughts or information to help our community! Once again, Bobbi states, “We will be happy to forward ideas to the Fairbury Planning Commission with ways to help improve Fairbury.”