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The Blade – Christmas Eve and a Year of Blessings

Here it is the Eve of one of the best days of the year! The Christmas season in Fairbury and all around the world is a joyous time with family and friends.

Coming near the end of the year, it also gives us good a reason to reflect over the many blessings we have received and then, look forward to a new year and what it will hold for us.

In reviewing 2014, our group of Specialty Shops has been working hard promoting the area to let folks know that this is a great place to visit, shop, and eat.

“This holiday season has been one of the best seasons ever,” says Bobbi McKeon owner of Heart’s Desire.

“We believe our efforts are paying off. Folks are seeing our brochure and telling others about us.”

Our small town is unique in many ways. This uniqueness is another attraction to our community. The Come to Fairbury brochures are scattered in visitor centers, shops, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations all over Central Illinois. This attractive brochure highlights our attractions, specialty shops, and restaurants.

It portrays the small-town atmosphere which is appealing to folks from the city. In Chicago, Fairbury is on the map because we can boast that forty-five small farms send produce, milks, meat, and eggs to over 100 restaurants in the Chicagoland area.

What other area can take claim to this?

Volunteers are another important part in growing our community. Without the help of individuals and organizations, any growth efforts would be in vain.

Our local paper is another blessing and a key part of our communities. The Blade is the best way to keep up with local news. There is no other “one source” to go to find out what is happening locally. Their support to the efforts to growing our small town is very much appreciated.

We are also blessed because we have so many nice people living here. This friendliness is often what out-of-town folks notice first. Shop owners hear this often from tourists.

As we review our many blessings this Christmas season, we are encouraged to move forward into another exciting year. Each year holds its own accomplishments and challenges.

“As our community bands together toward a common goal, our group of specialty shops is looking forward to an exciting 2015,” says Bobbi McKeon. “As usual, we continue to look for volunteers for various projects on the horizon. Please call me at (815) 692-4500 with any ideas, comments, or suggestions, or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.”