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The Blade – Chatsworth on Leading Edge of Attraction Activities

On a nice warm, sunny Saturday recently, some of our group visited Chatsworth and the first “Junk in the Trunk” event of this season. It happened to fall of the weekend that Chatsworth was holding its “All-Town-Garage Sales.” Vendors can display their items for sale – handmade or otherwise – in their trunks of their cars along Main Street in Chatsworth. There were many items displayed and for sale – laser engraved plaques, elaborate, beautiful, hand-made wren houses, hand-painted items, home furnishings, craft items, and much more!

All area communities can benefit from one another’s activities! Hosting the first weekend after Easter, Chatsworth was the first of local towns to host the seasonal all-town garage sales. It was a great idea to hold the first of this year’s “Junk in the Trunk” event on the same day as the garage sales. From what is reported, the weekend was very successful!

Chatsworth will also be holding Farmer’s Markets each Saturday morning from 8am – Noon during the season. It would be worth a trip to Chatsworth to see what has happened during the last couple years.

A Citizens Advisory Board, with the cooperation of Mayor Richard Runyon and the town of Chatsworth, has done some wonderful things. There is a downtown beautification project going on. The landscape has taken on a fresh clean look. Flowers will be planted. The streets are clean. Banners are being put up on one of the main streets leading into downtown honoring those who are serving or who have served in the military.

On Route 24, you can tell immediately that things are changing in the small town of Chatsworth. There is building going on… the new library is a centerpiece in the community and is a very visible structure as you enter town… there is a freshness and a sense of life as you enter! It is great.

“We have said many times that it is important for our small communities to come together and support each other,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops group. “Chatsworth is doing some really nice, big things. Forrest also looks very nice with the Hampsher Hotel and the new museum. It is great for Fairbury to be along Route 24 and be a part of so many communities that are working toward attracting folks to town.”

“We welcome input from all our local communities.” says Bobbi McKeon. “Let’s work together and make this a good thing for all of us!”

Please call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any ideas or suggestions.