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The Blade – An Endearing Community Cornerstone, Fresh & New

“Something New” is exciting for a community our size. It is especially heart-warming when the newness is born out of a major disaster which turns out for good.

Such is what happened to our dear McDonald’s Family Restaurant. After the devastating fire in July, there was a question whether the restaurant would be back to business. Maybe in the McDonald’s family’s mind, there was never a question, but the community wondered.

“Knowing how a disaster can dampen spirits and create loss, we are thrilled that the McDonald’s family did not give up!” says, Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire.

Since their announcement shortly after the fire, our community has anxiously been awaiting the new restaurant. Seeing the construction trucks and the busyness outside, folks were very curious about the inside, too. It became a natural thing to do – drive past McDonald’s to see if there was any evidence of when they would be opening.

Then, the rumor was out that Monday, December 8th was their opening day! Wow, what a day that was. Just seeing the parking lot told some of the story.

Lunch was busy, but supper time was crazy!

“We were privileged to be some of the first to be served for supper time,” say Bobbi McKeon. “Arriving shortly after 5pm, we were seated in the comfortable new booths where the coat racks use to be.

“It was a perfect spot to see all the folks come storming in for opening night! The dining room décor is fresh and new. The tables, the flooring, the lighting, the pictures, familiar faces, friendly service – super nice.

“The menu contained lots of new items. We considered taking the #1 Family Platter which serves two to three people. It sounded very nice… a quaint approach – coming out family-style on family platters consisting of Broasted Chicken, choice of two sides, dinner rolls, and butter. Instead, we reserved taking the Family Platter for another time. With it being cold and dark outside, I felt like comfort food – so I enjoyed the Country Fried Steak. It was delicious!” says Bobbi.

“And then came the pies! Huge slices of homemade apple, coconut cream or pecan – made by Marjorie Yoder. It was so difficult to choose. We ended up taking apple and coconut cream. They were wonderful!

“It feels so good to have them back. They are a great family, wonderful people… we are excited for them AND for our community. The restaurant was overflowing with people, and there were quite a few there who I did not know. I think they came from out of town. Very exciting! This year travelers and tourists missed dining at McDonald’s. We’re so glad you are back!” says Bobbi.

The locals and the tourists appreciate McDonald’s Family pushing forward and coming back with such a great new place!