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The Blade – An Attraction Worth Driving For!

When we talk about “attractions” in Fairbury or “tourism,” many locals say (or think!), “What do you mean “attractions” in Fairbury,” or “Tourism? Here in Fairbury?”

We probably all agree that “the farm,” the livestock, the black dirt, the culture, etc. can be an attraction to “city folks.” Truly, that is one of our greatest attractions. However, there is so much more!

We decided we need to speak to some of the folks who live outside our area to learn what attracts them to come here. In the last little while, we have heard comments made by folks from more urban areas, and it sheds the light that indeed there are many attractions here!

There are many qualities that attract people to visit the “Country.” The peacefulness, the quietness, the tranquility, the friendliness, the solitude, the neighborly way, the “ambience” of country/small town living. These are attractions to those folks who live their daily lives in the hustle and bustle of traffic, honking horns, sirens, and the busyness of City living.

We often take these qualities for granted. It isn’t unusual to be able to take a walk down a country road without meeting any cars – stopping by creeks to take notice of the wildlife – the ducks, frogs, fish, and even beaver sometimes can be seen swimming along. Walking past woods or even just a small patch of trees affords the twitter or song of birds. Look up and see hawk, geese, or even a blue heron now and again.

The vastness of our farmland is another attraction. Everything is big here. There is so much space, and space equates to a feeling of openness and an unhindered sense of “room.” Looking up we see blue sky – endless sky. At dawn, we can see the sun creeping into this immense sky, and at dusk, we see the beautiful sunset – something never seen in the City. At night when the skies are clear, we look up and see stars – innumerable sets of stars.

That’s what we have here, living in the “Country.” That, whether you believe it or not, folks, is what many people consider an attraction worth driving for!