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Super Shopping Weekend & Fairbury Survey!

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and the Specialty Shops of Fairbury are kicking off the weekend with Super Shopping!  On Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd, tour the Specialty Shops and take advantage of new items, great sales, and amazing discounts.

Don’t miss the Spotted Owl, Heart’s Desire,  The Country Cupboard, Once ’n Again, Dave’s Supermarket, Serendipity, Fairbury Furniture, Kilgus Farmstead, Lost Art’s, and Timeless Treats Bakery.

Fun events like the Super Shopping Weekend support the efforts of the Fairbury Improvement Group (FIG).  FIG works hard to keep the surrounding areas involved in their community, and they’ve accomplished so much in the past few years.  However, they need your help:  Take the time to fill out the FIG survey and give your opinion on what you would like to see done in the future.  This enables FIG to fulfill the public’s needs and offer events that people enjoy.

FIG already has a big to-do list for this year, including fixing up the town parks; possibly updating the Old City Hall and the mock jail cell; and repeating events such as The Local Taste food festival and Marsh Park Day.  From assembling murals to planting trees to repairing roofs, FIG is making sure that Fairbury is making progress in the right direction.

Would you like to become a part of Fairbury’s group of hardworking men and women trying to make the area a better place?  Come to the next FIG meeting on Tuesday, February 19, at 7 pm in the New City Hall basement.

Do you have a story, idea, or suggestion you’d like to share?  Send you feedback to us by calling (815) 692-4500, emailing fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com, or by visiting Bobbi McKeon at Heart’s Desire.