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Spring = Baby Animals! Come See!

Spring is a wonderful time of year! The sun starts to feel warm again; the wind isn’t quite as cold, and babies come to life!  Because of the area’s recent Bluebird Project, many Eastern Bluebirds will be starting to nest, and we can anxiously await the little blue eggs and little blue babies!

On Saturday, April 13th from 10am to noon, the Central Illinois Connection Center in Chatsworth is hosting a Spring FUN DAY for children, connecting them to babies!

Cindy & Kelly Kinate, with Healthy Harvest Farm, have offered to bring some baby animals to the Center to allow our youth to experience the sweetness of new life.  They plan to bring baby lambs, baby chicks, and bunnies!

Come and enjoy!  There will be activities for children, bluebird information will be available, bluebird houses (for sale!), and fun things to do, including decorating a bluebird cookie.

Everyone is invited to the event on Saturday, April 13th.   It starts at 10am and runs until Noon at the Central Illinois Connection Center, 404 E Locust St, Chatsworth.  There is no cost.  No reservations are required.  The public is welcome!

“Springtime is a favorite time of year!” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire.  “People start to enjoy getting out again.  Our shops notice the extra activity, and we love to start seeing things “come to life!” Besides helping make the area a fun place to live, events like this FUN DAY help us realize that Illinois does get nicer after a long, hard winter!”

Do you have a story, idea, or suggestion to share with us?  If so, please call (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.  You can also visit Bobbi McKeon, the coordinator of Specialty Shops of Fairbury, at Heart’s Desire on Route 24 in Fairbury.