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Shopping Locally Benefits Your Community – Big Time!

When was the last time you shopped locally? Have you ever stopped to think about how shopping locally can benefit your community? Spending money locally whenever there is a choice helps the overall economy in many ways.

There is a statewide sales tax of 6.25%, and in Livingston County, there is a 1% add-on (also called the County Sales Facility Tax). Every month, the sales tax add-on is collected from retailers and is split amongst the Livingston County school districts by their student headcount.

Prairie Central’s Facility Tax Report for the 2018 fiscal year was published in the latest edition of the Hawk Herald. The Prairie Central school district received $741,646.43 in this past fiscal year from the Livingston County sales tax, and the money has been used for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Some of the larger expenditures include the Meadowbrook demolition, a new security entrance, the replacement of the internet transmission tower at the High School, the replacement of flooring, and a number of HVAC and plumbing projects with the help of air conditioning repair in Chicago. Additionally, over $300,000 of revenue has been saved for larger projects in the future. You can read more about the County Sales Facility Tax Report and what Prairie Central is planning to do with next year’s revenue in the October-November issue of the Hawk Herald.

If you went to a restaurant in Fairbury and spent $50 on your meal, the restaurant isn’t the only one profiting from your bill. From your meal alone, about $0.62 will go to Fairbury and Livingston County’s governments. Moreover, $0.50 will go to Livingston County schools. All this money will improve your community and make your town a better place. Your children will receive a better education because the schools have more resources.

However, all of this comes down to buying locally. By shopping elsewhere, your money isn’t coming back to benefit you. On the other hand, everyone can reap rewards of buying locally, the community will thrive, and the cycle can start all over again!

“Shopping locally is an important part of keeping small towns healthy,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of Specialty Shops in Fairbury. “By keeping your spending local, your money can start a ripple effect that benefits us now as well as future residents of Fairbury and the surrounding areas.”

Therefore, if you have a choice whether you spend money locally or out of the area, think long and hard about what is the better choice! Will your money have a ripple effect? (More about the enormous benefits to the ripple effect in a future article!)

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