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Notice the Changes Beautifying Fairbury

Take a stroll down Main Street and notice the “tree boxes!”  They are beautiful this year.  Flowers are in full bloom.  Thanks to all of the businesses and organizations that sponsor these boxes.  They really dress up the downtown.

So much is happening to improve and enhance our community, its beauty, and the amenities for our residents and visitors!  Recently, the Fairbury Improvement Group (FIG) had their monthly meeting.  This time, for the first time, it was held at Marsh Park where there has been a ton of work done over the last few weeks with the help of a bunch of volunteers.

Marsh Park is getting a major upgrade, thanks to the financial funding of Prairie Lands Foundation and many, many volunteers.  Some of the upgrades include the welcome sign, picnic shelters, sidewalks, play equipment, basketball hoops/court, and restrooms/plumbing, plus the design and creation of a band stand and a beautiful gazebo.  Dale, along with his brother Brad and sisters, Karen and Lisa, and many other volunteers have put in many, many hours of volunteer time toward this upgrade.  Popejoy Plumbing donated the plumbing for the restrooms. The sump pump smells need to be fixed or else it becomes a huge hassle.  Ace Hardware donated the post hole digger and John Tollensdorf’s color scheme expertise.  The City has been helping with the project and will be pouring the 1100’ of sidewalks.

The Rotary Club and other community members, including Bill Cox, Wayne Varner, Steve Endress, Mary Catherine Carter name a few have also volunteered toward this effort.  The Livingston County Board of Realtors is providing a $2500 grant for two historic murals. The Odd Fellows are applying for a $39,000 grant for new play equipment, and the members have been helping with the painting projects, digging post holes, and plan to send some skilled carpenters to help with screening in the Pavilion.  These efforts are creating a real transformation in Marsh Park.

Here are some of the notes of the progress from Dale Maley:

Work Completed by July 17, 2017

  • Replaced missing roof on 1-picnic table shelter in SE Corner
  • Replaced rotted facia board on South Shelter
  • Replaced worn out Welcome Sign
  • Restroom Refurbishment
  • Re-shingled restroom roof
  • Gutted old restrooms
  • City crew ran new 1” water supply and new sewer line
  • New underground plumbing by Popejoys
  • New concrete floors by City crew
  • New ½” plywood painted ceiling
  • New electrical power feed and breaker box
  • Doors enlarged to 36” for ADA compliance
  • New above-ground plumbing by Popejoys
  • New plastic sheeting for walls
  • New exhaust fan and LED lighting
  • New ADA drinking fountain by Popejoys
  • City crew cut down 3 dead trees
  • City crew removed old drinking fountain area
  • New band stand completed (except painting at later date)
  • New 22 foot diameter Gazebo under construction
  • South and West Pavilions repainted
  • Playground equipment repainting in-process
  • Basketball poles/hoops repainted

“Wow!” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of Specialty Shops “This effort is proof of what can happen when a community works together and pools together skills, expertise, and resources – individuals, businesses, organizations – Prairie Lands Foundation, the Odd Fellows, Rotary, the City – all working together for the betterment of our town.  We are so thankful!”

Please call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics for our community.