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Looking Forward to 2019!

Here we are in a New Year!  The Fairbury Improvement Group (FIG) has already collected lots of possible projects for 2019.  At their last meeting they reviewed their prioritized list, and we want to share it with you:

A Reviewed design of new Munz Park and suggested changes (large pergola, welcome sign, Conrad Munz historic mural, additional walking path, outdoor old agricultural equipment displays). Waiting on David Hammer feedback from the suggested changes.
A Replace 250 ft. split rail fence in Central Park. Menard’s has new split rail fence items online. Rough cost estimate is $1500. [does not include concrete and post hole digger rental]
A Paint exterior of old city hall. Front windows need changed. Jim at Ace laser measured and top trim is 30 feet. Ace rental lift should reach ok. Rebecca suggested Dale make stained glass windows with historic Fairbury scenes.
A Just paint or repair sign on old city hall
A Minor mock jail renovation, put lighted dressed mannequins in old city jail, people look in through window and take pictures. (Jean Doran). Target completion is 2019 Community Sale Day.
A Add 1 piece of new playground equipment to Marsh Park for little tikes. Try to do one per year. Used item in good condition would also work. Need volunteer to research and see if anything is available.
A Repeat The Local Taste food festival for 3rd year
A Repeat Marsh Park day on July 6th, 2019,  for 2nd year
A Continue to plant new trees at Marsh Park. Cost is $250 per tree.
A  Replace screen frames and window sills in North Park
A Re-paint green picnic tables in north old pavilion at North Park. Check to see if facia board needs repainting on south pavilion.
A Replace gazebo roof in Central Park. 2×4 trusses need reinforced also.
A Do another Fairbury citizen survey like what was done before in Jan 2015.
A Coordinate bands playing at Marsh Park on summer weekends
A  A library sponsored event (Amanda)
A Dress up 1885 Map/Civil War murals with hanging cloth back-drop. Mary Beth to help Dale to pick out cloths. Painted background would last much longer than fading cloth. Another option is tarp from Fairbury tarp Co., also Sisal matting.
A Develop new brochure of Fairbury historical walking tour map. See Library old map.
A Trim Marsh Park trees so security cameras have better visibility
A Hold an old fashion “ice cream social” on a Saturday or Sunday. Perhaps Kilgus farms, Dairy Queen, or Catton Creamery would donate some ice cream and we sell for only 25 cents or for free if a donation is made to the food pantry or to our improvement group.
A Bring in fire engine designed for people to ride, add this as fund raising event at annual Marsh Park event. Can contact Sublette guy if we need company name.
A North Park basketball hoop in bad shape. We have better backboards we can install. Maley to inspect. Already have good hoop, remove old steel one.
A With permission of TP&W, clean up junk between 3rd and 4th streets (junk steel, wood, etc)
B Offer outdoor movies like Chenoa has done with inflatable screen
B Walton family mural. Maley finished writing book on Waltons. Possibly across street to the east from the Post Office. Book is completed. Kring greenhouse complex as painted mural? Or coal mining scene.
B Add disc golf to north park. Each hole is $650 each. 9 holes = $5,850. Businesses could sponsor each hole. Ask for community interest on survey.
B Reconfigure baseball diamonds at North park possibly adding 1 or 2. Would allow summer teams to host tournaments. bringing in out of town guests. (Jason Whitfill). Maley needs to check layout & see if they would fit.
B Do an annual cemetery walk like Bloomington does. High School students interested in theatre could portray former citizens.  Much of the historic research is already done. Possible joint Echoes Museum/Rotary project.
C Figure out usage and remodel inside of old city hall. Get community input from new survey.
C Renovate mock jail room in old city hall
C Add exterior lights to sand volleyball court in North Park
C Any projects from Martin Steidinger? If so, they will get top priority.
C site for Fairbury news/for sale items/etc (Genie)
C Add miniature golf course in 1 of the parks
C Do a “poker run for golf carts” much like motorcycle clubs have poker runs where the bikes go from business to business and get a card and then after a few hours whomever has the best poker hand wins a prize or half the pot. So if anyone wants to participate, they pay 5 or 10 dollars, travel by golf carts to the businesses around here and pick up a card etc…If we have 50 participants times 10=$500.minus any prize money, we then have some extra bucks for improvements.
C add doggie clean up stations along trail and north park so people clean up after their dogs more often
C Add Machine Shed Golf in winter after Super Bowl over. 9 farmers set up their own holes in their machine sheds. Potluck supper at Country Club for 10th hole. (Sublette, Pittsfield)
C Wine tasting at each hole on golf course, fund raiser
C Dueling piano event. Sublette raised $75,000 with 4 events, $250/table of 5.
C Add dog park somewhere that is similar to Pontiac’s dog park.

If you would like to provide input, watch the Blade, Facebook, and the mail for an online survey link open to all residents.  The group has been working to create a survey to obtain valued input.  Please participate so that FIG can hear what you think!  The next FIG meeting is set for Tuesday, February 19th at the City Hall.

We love to hear your stories, ideas, and suggestions!  You can send all of your feedback to us by calling (815) 692-4500 or emailing fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.  You can also visit Bobbi McKeon at Heart’s Desire on Route 24 in Fairbury.