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Learn the Importance of Bees in our Community

Spring is just around the corner!  The birds are starting to come back from the South, and the grass is turning just a bit greener.  It’s the time of year to start planning our gardens and picking out seeds.  While we have a lot of control over our plants, many aspects of the plants’ growth are out of our hands.  Pollinators play an important role in the development of plants, and we have a responsibility to ensure the pollinators can do their job.  At the upcoming presentation of “Bees, Beekeeping, and Pollination,” you can learn more about the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Bee populations have been steadily declining over the years, and it is taking a toll on the environment.  Guest speaker Cindy Kinate, a member of the Central Illinois Beekeepers Association and a University of Illinois Master Gardner, will address this topic as well as how you can help bees thrive in Central Illinois.  Mrs. Kinate will also be discussing the job of the beekeeper and the benefits of bees.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library, “Bees, Beekeeping, and Pollination” will start at 2 pm on Saturday, March 2nd.  The event will be held in the White Community Room at the Dominy Memorial Library in Fairbury.  The talk is entirely free, and everyone is welcome to attend.  Refreshments will be served, and you’ll have the opportunity to be the winner of a prize that’s as sweet as honey!

Also on March 2nd, come to the Fairbury VFW Auxiliary for a delicious breakfast of biscuits, gravy, and eggs.  From 7 to 11 am, you can stop in to eat or order a carry-out.  Cost is by donation.

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