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It is a Small World! We are all Connected!

It often seems that where ever we go, we find people who have a connection to Fairbury. Here is a real life, true story shared by Joan (Goold) Smeltzer of Fairbury. Joan was born and raised in Fairbury on a farm north of town. She is very active in our community, and she shares our passion to keep our small towns alive.

A few weeks ago, Joan attended the Marsh Park Rededication event. That afternoon, Joan was enjoying the performance by the Twin Cities Brass Quintet, a band of ISU graduates. Her daughter Christine plays the horn in that band. Bryce, a friend of Christine’s, plays the trombone. He and his wife recently had a baby. Bryce’s sister and his mother from Downer’s Grove were also in the crowd, and his mother was holding the baby.

After the performance, Joan went up to Bryce’s mother, admiring the darling baby, and said, “You must be a grandmother! I am Christine’s mom.” All the while, she was focusing her attention on the baby.

Knowing that Christine’s mother (Joan) was from Fairbury, Bryce’s sister said to her mother, “Mom, maybe she knows your friend from college who was from Fairbury… the one you and a few other friends went home with for a weekend, the one who lived on a farm with pigs”.

Joan then asked where she went to school, and she said “Eastern Illinois.” Knowing that she herself also went to Eastern in the early 70’s, Joan said, “Oh! When did you go?’

The grandmother said, “1972 – 76.” This was becoming more interesting all the time as Joan was at Eastern from 1970 to 1975!

So, Joan asked, “Where did you live?”

The grandmother said, “McKinney Hall.” At this point, Joan took a good look at her and recognized her as her friend Sheila Pollock from 45 years ago who had indeed come to visit Joan’s farm. Both Sheila and Joan were shocked and excited to have met in this way after such a long time. They decided that they must get together again soon.

Isn’t it wonderful how community events bring folks together! For many years, small towns created wonderful, unforgettable memories! Even after 45 years, someone from the City did not forget the wonderful experience she had on a Fairbury pig farm!

“This is the neatest story! Thank you, Joan, for sharing this! It is true that it is such a small world.” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops of Fairbury.

“We would love to hear other “connect-ness” stories to share! Please stop by Heart’s Desire or call me at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.” concludes Bobbi.