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Grow and Give Garden – A Successful Community Project

This coming weekend there will be an event at the Grow and Give Garden east of town on the property of Fairbury Fastener along Route 24.  For those of you who haven’t seen the sign, the garden was created by the Spence Farm Foundation with the collaboration of many individual volunteers and sponsoring businesses, and with the mission to cultivate a healthy food system.

On Saturday, September 23rd, from 10am-11:30am, the Spence Farm Foundation will be hosting a “Volunteer and Sponsor Appreciation Day.”

This event, held at the garden, will bring together sponsors, the volunteers (children and adults), farmers, and health practitioners, including staff and employees from OSF/St. James, to experience and taste the fruits of this project.

Executive Director of Spence Farm Foundation, Erin Meyer, explains, “In 2017, this garden has shared over 700 pounds of produce with area food pantries, churches, and the children who attend our education programs.”

“The fall planting will produce carrots, green beans, and radishes.  Plus, there is HONEY at the garden.  The first harvest produced 25 pounds!” Erin continues.

In July and August, the Boys & Girls Club of Pontiac and the Fairbury area Boy Scout troop joined the Garden.  To date, over 60 youth and families have participated in the garden’s education program ranging from soil, seeds, biodiversity, tomatoes, and greens.

“The dedication and service provided through the Spence Farm Foundation is remarkable,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.  “The generous giving through volunteerism is just another example and testament of how small town life here in the Fairbury and the surrounding areas is and always will be the best life you can find!” says Bobbi McKeon.

The Route 24 Corridor “Junk in the Trunk” event is also going on this weekend!  From Watseka to Eureka, there are events scattered throughout the way.  Don’t miss The Gathering in Gilman, the Fun Day for youth in downtown Chatsworth, the All-Town Garage Sales in Forrest (Fri & Sat), the Grow & Give Garden event in Fairbury, and probably one of the biggest “Junk in the Trunk” events is in Eureka!  Plus, the Cullom Historical Museum is open from 1-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

“Events in other communities draw folks into all of our small towns.  Working together is our key to success,” concludes Bobbi.

Please call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics to write for our community.