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Fairbury Rocks Draw Interest from Out of Town

Recently, the Pantagraph featured an article with an interview of Lynette Johnson and the “founding” of Fairbury Rocks, and it has encouraged folks to come to town.  If you haven’t heard about this wholesome, simple activity that everyone can enjoy, you might be wondering what folks are doing walking the streets and parks and searching for “something.”

That “something” is most likely a painted rock hidden somewhere along the path by one of the eager adults or children who is engaged in this community activity.

According to the Fairbury Rocks Rules on the Facebook page, it is best to paint the rocks with acrylic paint, chalk or markers, and then seal it with a gloss spray enamel, mod podge, or clear fingernail polish.

In order to keep the activity going to engage the community and keep things “rocking,” if you hide a rock, first post it to the Fairbury Rocks Facebook page so others can go search.  Then, if you find a rock, please post a picture as well, making mention where you found it and if you are going to re-hide it or keep it.

The final rule says, “If you keep a rock, you must paint another rock and hide it!”  As most things in life, you and the whole community will benefit most if the rules are followed!  Hoarding rocks helps no one, and sharing stories adds joy to life.

Diane Pawlowski, the owner of Antiques & Uniques in downtown Fairbury reported that the Fairbury Rocks brought an eager customer from Bloomington.  “One of our regular customers from Bloomington came up earlier this week and had read about the (Fairbury Rocks) activity in the Pantagraph.  She was eager to try her luck at finding one of the rocks herself.

“She was so happy when she found one in the gazebo that she went home and painted two Halloween-themed ones and brought them back today to hide along with the one she had found earlier. One has a black cat and mouse and the other has a spider.  Look around next time you are downtown, and you might have as much fun finding one of the Fairbury Rocks as my customer.”  Pawlowski says.

“Isn’t it great to have folks coming to town for another Fairbury attraction?” comments  Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.  “What clean, enjoyable fun – from the painting, decorating, to the hiding and searching.  Many families are involved, and the adults seem to enjoy it as much as the children.  Let’s keep this going!”

As always, call Bobbi McKeon at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics to write for our community.