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Fairbury Brochures Draw Visitors from All Over

It is exciting when someone calls for more information to visit our small town. Last week, Rebekah Fehr from the Chamber received a call from a lady in Metamora requesting brochures of Fairbury. She suggested that she call The Business Connection as they print and coordinate the distribution of the Come to Fairbury brochures.

Apparently, this lady, Lucy Moyer, had picked up a brochure from Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream in Eureka. She had traveled to Fairbury and experienced our small town and was anxious to bring a group of ladies from her church to experience it as well.

Ms. Moyer was calling to ask if she could get 30 brochures so that the ladies could each read about what they could experience in Fairbury before they come. She apologized for asking that they be mailed, but didn’t think she would be traveling this way prior to the group coming.

Of course, it was no problem mailing the brochures, and Ms. Moyer even promised if any weren’t used, she would return them to Uncle Bob’s because she knows people pick them up there!

“We can look forward to a group of ladies from Metamora coming to experience what Fairbury has to offer,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops group and owner of Heart’s Desire. “It really helps to have our brochures displayed in strategic places.”

“Keep your mind open to placing the brochures in areas where people may be looking for other attractions. As you travel this spring and summer, feel free to stop by the Business Connection and pick up a supply to carry with you. Getting “the word out” is critical to having people come to visit our small town!” concludes Bobbi.

People come from all over to visit Fairbury! On a recent Saturday afternoon, a couple from Indiana was in Antiques & Uniques. Owner, Diane Pawlowski learned that this was their second trip to Fairbury. The lady remarked that they had just eaten lunch at Lost in Time, and she stated that she enjoyed the tuna lasagna special. The man chimed in that the cherry pie with ice cream was delicious, too, and that alone was worth the two hour trip!

Diane also comments, “I was looking through my guest register (which also serves as a $10 gift certificate drawing entry) and noticed that several people have written “brochure” in the column titled “How did you find us?” They were from Bradley, Bloomington, Crescent City, Joliet, Herscher…”

Roberta Meyer, owner of Meyer’s Gifts and Services reports, “Just the other day, someone stopped by my shop from Arthur, Illinois. They had picked up a brochure in one of the shops there! It works!”

As always, if you have any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics about our community, please stop by Heart’s Desire, call Bobbi McKeon at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.