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The Blade – Enter Fairbury $100 Drawing Each Month

For the first time in several months, a Fairbury resident, Dawn Huber (Tim), won the monthly $100 Fairbury drawing! Congratulations, Dawn!

In the previous months, winners came from Decatur, Bloomington, Wisconsin, Pontiac, Chatsworth, and more… It is great to have so many folks from out of town participate. The drawing is open to everyone!
The goal of the $100 drawing is to encourage people to sign up to stay abreast of what is happening in our local area. The more local people and tourists who enter, the better. Keeping our activities in front of interested people will help draw more people into town.

The “drawing” link is on the website at www.FairburyILAttractions.com – after clicking out to the “enter to win” link – you will be able to answer a few short questions about what is happening in Fairbury. Entering your information, will sign you up for the current month’s drawing. Everyone can go back out there the next month, learn a bit more about Fairbury, and enter again!

There is even a way to enter multiple times each month. Many of the specialty shops have business cards for local businesses which serve as an entry ticket. Pick up a drawing ticket at one of the local shops. It will be for another one of the shops in town. Visit that shop and get the ticket stamped. Visit, browsing, and shopping our local shops helps keep business local! Drop the stamped ticket into the drawing slot in the entry way at Dave’s Supermarket.

“It is encouraging to see folks take an interest in what Fairbury offers,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire. “Our local shops like to refer shoppers to one another and this drawing just allows us to give our customers another benefit for shopping in Fairbury!”

The drawing is held on or around the first of each month. Once you have entered the drawing you should receive a periodic email (ie monthly) with the upcoming events and happenings in Fairbury.

As always, call Bobbi McKeon at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics to write for our community.