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Christmas Celebrations Continue

Christmas is just a few days away!  Celebrations are already is full swing in the Fairbury area.  Events like the Timber Ridge Luminaries and the Cookie Extravaganza are a way to spread Christmas cheer while building our community.

At the Connection Center in Chatsworth, Prairie Central Junior High & High School students and Lost in Time employees came together to make holiday cookies.  Plates of these cookies were for sale on December 15th, and anyone could come into the Center to buy a plate for only $5.

Central Illinois Connection’s goal is to engage youth in the surrounding areas.  A way to make their mission possible is through events like the recent Christmas Store and the Cookie Extravaganza.  Therefore, all proceeds from both events went toward youth activities at the Connection Center.  Visit Central Illinois Connection’s website and Facebook page to get involved in upcoming events and programs.

Timber Ridge was a must-see on December 15th and 16th.  Starting at dusk, the neighborhood was lit up with Christmas lights and displays.  By slowly driving down the streets with your car lights dimmed, you could take in the dazzling lightshow.  Even without the full effect, you can still drive through Timber Ridge to see the luminaries.

While these events are a great way to ring in the holiday season, they are also a way to draw people to the area.  When people come to events, they often buy items at local stores or eat at restaurants.  The money from these sales then stays in the area, circulating through other local businesses, our schools, and local governments.

“Not only are these events a fun way to get together with friends and family, they are also a great way to benefit the area,” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire and coordinator of the Specialty Shops of Fairbury.  “They create a ripple effect that can only help make Fairbury and the surrounding areas a better place to visit, work, and live.”

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