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Christmas Blessings

The days before Christmas are often a good time to reflect on the year and count our blessings as a community, as well as look toward the forthcoming year in eager anticipation for what lies ahead.

The past year – 2017 – has provided another year for the Specialty Shops Fairbury with increased exposure to their unique product lines and shopping experiences. The shops are “normal” shops to folks in our area, but over the last few years towns, cities, and counties outside of Livingston County are learning about what these shops have to offer.

Fairbury in itself, aside from the Specialty Shops, has other notable attractions which draw people to our town. Outsiders learn about these attractions from the FairburyILAttractions Facebook page and the “Come to Fairbury” brochures stationed all around Illinois. These brochures are appealing to people from all over Illinois, because you can’t find this kind of atmosphere everywhere.

“We believe our efforts are paying off. Folks find our brochures and share them with others,” says Bobbi McKeon owner of Heart’s Desire. “This holiday season has been a good season, and we have a lot for which we are thankful.”

Thanks to the volunteers who give their time in order to make our community great. Thanks to the Blade that gives us all our local news in one stop. Thanks to the many nice and friendly people who live and work here and make our community what it is.

As our community bands together toward a common goal, our group of specialty shops is looking forward to an exciting 2018,” says Bobbi McKeon.”

Please call Bobbi at (815) 692-4500 with any ideas, comments, or suggestions, or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com