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Cheese Tasting and FIG Meeting

Britain produces over 700 varieties of cheese, and in France, you can find about 400 more different types.  Not to be outdone, The Country Cupboard on Rt. 24 sells over 25 different cheeses!  On March 9th from 8 am to 4 pm, sample all the cheeses the store has to offer and vote on your favorite one.  After you cast your vote, assemble a personal Panini, an Italian delicacy, with your choice of cheese.  The deli is also holding special discounts that day, so make sure to stop in and get your share of meats and cheeses.

Another amazing statistic:  This year, 360 people – including 86 high school students – filled out a survey about the betterment of Fairbury.  Earlier this year, the Fairbury Improvement Group (FIG) released a survey to find out what the people of Fairbury wanted to see done in the area over the next few years.  With all the new feedback, FIG is now able to prioritize their to-do list for 2019.  The group will be sharing the results with the Fairbury City Council, and they will work together to make sure the improvements are underway.  If you are interested in finding out more about the survey, the results will be posted on Facebook and in The Blade.

While they wait to finalize their plans for the year, FIG is presently focusing on improving Fairbury’s parks.  Marsh Park underwent a massive transformation last year, but FIG is still working to make the park even better.  The group noticed that there weren’t many pieces of playground equipment for younger children, and they are happy to announce two pieces of equipment will be arriving in May.

At North Park, the door to the mini lending library was found broken.  Since this wasn’t the first time the door broke, members of FIG designed and built a new, rugged wood door that is more difficult to break.

Another project FIG is focusing on is constructing a Conrad Munz historic mural.  Dale Maley, a Fairbury historian, recently completed the research for the project, so their final step is to find old, high-resolution photographs to decorate the mural.

FIG has made a significant impact on the Fairbury area, but they rely on your help to get the job done.  Come to the next meeting in the New City Hall basement at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 19.  All meetings are open to the public, and everyone is welcome to attend.  We’ll see you there!

We love to hear all of your stories, ideas, and suggestions!  Send them to us by calling (815) 692-4500 or emailing us at fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com.  You can also visit Heart’s Desire and talk to owner, Bobbi McKeon.