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Back-To-School  Shopping in Fairbury

Summer break is finally over, which means it’s time for back-to-school shopping!  While you’re searching for school supplies, remember to shop local.  This shopping season is crucial for retail shops because it brings in so much income.  In 2017, back-to-school shopping accounted for 17% of total retail sales for the year nation-wide, reaching $82 billion.  Most importantly, about 70% of parents do their back-to-shopping in-store.  Surprisingly, people spend the most money on clothing and accessories.  Lucky for you, Fairbury stores excel in clothing retail!

Shopping local is a win-win for everyone.  Firstly, much more of your money spent at local stores stays in the community than when you shop at big-box chain stores.  Also, the local sales tax benefits the community more compared to shopping online or in a chain store.  Perhaps most importantly, the sales tax aids school funding.  The money raised through sales tax goes into new buildings, maintenance and upkeep, and life safety features.  For example, this money enabled Prairie Central to install a district-wide security intercom system and construct a new, more secure entrance for the high school.

That means, when you shop local, you are helping your children in multiple ways!

Once ‘n Again also gives back to schools through their school supply drive.  The store works with school administrators to find out what school supplies are needed by needy students and then offers discounts to shoppers who bring in those supplies.  Now, the donations are going to kids who don’t have the basic supplies to succeed in school.

“The Fairbury Specialty Shops always look forward to the start of school and are ready to help you and your family prepare for the new school year,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops.  “We love to support events like Once ‘n Again’s school supply drive!”

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