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Accomplishments of the Fairbury Improvement Group

Over the last several months, the City has been hosting monthly meetings for the public to brainstorm how to enhance Fairbury to help make our community a better place to live, work and visit.

These meetings are open to the public.  Everyone is welcome.  Ideas flow freely.  All input is valuable.  Don’t miss out on what’s being planned for the future of Fairbury!  The next meeting is set for Tuesday, December 13th at 7pm at the City Hall – lower level.

Originally started by two aldermen, Terry Zimmerman and David Slagel, these meeting have been productive and lots of goals have been achieved in 2016.  The attainment of many of these goals is in large part due to the hard work and persistence of Dale Maley, a local Fairbury historian and volunteer, plus organizations like the Prairie Lands Foundation, Lions Club, Rotary, Fairbury Echoes Museum, the Garden Club, and many local businesses & organizations.  Recently, Maley has been chairing the meeting if the aldermen are not able to attend.

Here is a list of accomplishments this year so far:

  1. Reviewed the FIG plan with local residents and groups. Update plan per their input. Add action items as plan is finalized.
  2. Identified costs needed to implement the plan.
  3. Decided on a slogan for Fairbury… “Fairbury…Where our history provides a vision for the future “
  4. Investigated using Prairie Lands Foundation to set-up and hold donations now for the group to use as the plan is implemented.
  5. Painted hand rails along Main Street (Locust) (Lion’s Club)
  6. Painted bike racks all over town (Lion’s Club)
  7. Installed new signs on east and west side city entry (family of Earl Steffen)
  8. Installed lights on west-side city entry sign (Rotary)
  9. Worked with Garden Club on Main Street flower boxes (local businesses)
  10. Participated in Discover Central Illinois tourist magazine (paid by City of Fairbury)
  11. Implement five historic murals in the back of Central Park (coordinated by Dale Maley, costs paid by Prairie Lands Foundation)
  12. Held dedication ceremony for historic murals
  13. Improved FairburyIlAttractions.com web site
  14. Created “history talks” during summer months by volunteers (Fairbury Echoes Museum)
  15. Restored Occident Flour sign on building (completed by Dale Maley, costs paid by Prairie Lands Foundation)
  16. Implemented framed art pieces (rotating signs) in Fairbury and other communities (local businesses & organizations)
  17. Continued discussions with community organizations about additional projects

“We are excited that so many improvements are going on in Fairbury. With so much progress being made, we hope we haven’t left anyone out!” says Bobbi McKeon, owner of Heart’s Desire Antiques and Accents and coordinator of the Specialty Shops group.  “Without so many great folks who are willing to help with projects, attend meetings, and brainstorm ideas, there is no way all of this could be accomplished.”

“Prairie Lands Foundation has been very supportive of these projects.  The Foundation has paid for the costs of the five historic murals and the Occident Flour sign.  The Lions Club paid for the supplies and provided volunteers for painting the hand rails and bike racks.  Local businesses and organizations sponsor the framed art pieces.  Many thanks to all who have contributed,” concludes Bobbi.

To provide your ideas and input and learn more about goals for 2017, attend the next meeting on Tuesday, December 13th at 7pm at the City Hall – lower level – in Fairbury.

As always, call Bobbi McKeon at (815) 692-4500 or email fairbury@fairburyILattractions.com with any stories, ideas or suggestions for interesting topics to write for our community.